Progress in Essential Oils: Cinnamon Bark Oil and Extract, and Helichrysum Oil

In his regularly featured column, consultant Brian Lawrence reviews the findings of a number of researchers on the constituents in various essential oils. This month, he highlights two oils: cinnamon bark oil and extract, and helichrysum oil.

Maurer and Hanser (1989) reported at the 16th “Journées des Huiles Essentielles de Digne” that cinnamyl formate, cinnamyl propionate, cinnamyl isobutyrate, isobutyl cinnamate, l-phenethyl isobutyrate, α-terpinyl isobutyrate and 2-methylbutyl cinnamate were found as trace constituents in an extract of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume).

Mallavarapu and Rajeswara Rao (2007) compared the composition of cinnamon bark oils produced in Bangalore and Mysore (Karnataka, India). A summary of their results is included in the article. In addition, trace amounts (< 0.05%) of cuminaldehyde, bornyl acetate, β-elemene, γ-cadinene, δ-cadinene, cis-calamenene, elemol, safrole and 2-phenethyl benzoate were found in one or both of the oils. For this complete review, including the discussion on helichrysum oil, purchase the article.

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