Progress in Essential Oils: Galangal Oil

Jansen & Scheffer (1985) determined that the oil of A. galangal contained 1’- acetoxychavicol acetate, 1’-acetoxyeugenol acetate and 1’hydroxychavicol acetate as trace constituents. They further determined that 1’-acetoxychavicol acetate showed moderate antimicrobial activity against Gram-postive bacteria, a yeast and some dematophytes.

It is of interest to note that p-hydroxycinnamaldehyde was identified as a constituent of an A. galanga rhizome extract (Barik et al. 1987). This was the first time that p-hydroxycinnamaldehyde was identified as being naturally occurring.

Charles et al. (1992) compared the composition of oils produced from the leaves and rhizomes of A. galangal.

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