Symposium on supplies of natural and synthetic materials

Aroma Chemical Manufacturing

by T. J. Plocak, Chem-Fleur, Inc. Among the problems that manufacturers of aroma chemicals now face are the many new laws and regulations affecting chemical manufacturing as well as potential shortages in fuel and a variety of raw materials. Capital requirements, too, continue to increase, for both new equipment and the large inventories required to meet demand. Despite these increases in the cost of operating, consumers are naturally looking for lower prices.

Recent changes in job safety regulations seem to present the most immediate problems. Federal OSHA regulations are stringent; for instance, inspectors must by law assess fines for all safety violations (fires as high as $1,000 for each violation) even if the violation is corrected on the spot. The OSHA Agency will, however, advise manufacturers who send a representative to the Agency’s office without using the request as the occasion for an in-plant inspection.

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