Innovative solutions for your flavor and fragrance material handling needs


From foreign drum adapters to aluminum and glass bottles to absorbent pouches, Kowabunga has all your flavor and fragrance material handling needs covered.

Glass Bottles

Our amber bottles for the flavor and fragrance industry are available in Pour Out Round, Boston Round and Wide Mouth. We offer flint bottles in Boston Round and French Square.


Kowabunga Pf2108 Image1

UN Approved Aluminum Bottles

Available in a variety of sizes in both narrow mouth and wide mouth, we have UN approved aluminum bottles to meet your needs. Customizing your caps with a color or logo reinforces your brand. We have no order minimums for custom caps!


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Absorbent Pouches

Our absorbent pouches are ideal for shipping liquids. We use a polypropylene (Kowabunga PINK™) liner with a clear zip lock bag for easy opening and closing. For every Kowabunga PINK™ pouch, sold we donate to a nationally accredited breast cancer research center. Available in a variety of sizes, or we can create a custom size for your needs.

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Foreign Drum Adapters

One size does not fit all, so we manufacture more than 130 drum adapters and 30 tote adapters for over 45 countries. Our adapter form will help us find the right fit for your needs.


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