Perfumer H Releases Savory Scents With Matching Food

Perfumer H's fragrance line.
Perfumer H's fragrance line.

The newest line of perfumes from Perfumer H are inspired by savory foods. Each perfume comes with a complementary food that pairs with the scents in the fragrance.

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Lynn Harris, creator of Perfume H, works with producers such as specialty spice house, Epices Roellinger, to create the foods. 

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The perfume scents and paired pantry item include: 

  • Cucumber: bergamot, watermelon, lemon, cedarwood and sea moss, complemented with pickled cucumbers flavored with lemon and juniper
  • Pear: bergamot, mandarin, white pear, rosewood, sugared musk and vanilla, complemented with a violet leaf tea
  • Salt: rosemary, coriander, white sage, cardamom, patchouli and cistus absolute, complemented with a blend of salts.
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