Grasse Expertise : The strength of coopetition, turned towards international and innovation


Grasse Expertise brings together actors of the Pays de Grasse, birthplace of Perfumery, operating in the flavour and perfume sector, from the production of perfume plants to the finished product, including training and research. Objectives: enhance the activity within the global socio-economic fabric; continue and roll-out sustainable local agriculture; promote the savoir faire by developing the human capital. The approach revolves around coopetition –a blend of cooperation and competition. It encompasses the partnership of ordinarily competing companies that cooperate on non-competitive projects and activities by pooling resources and developing their common heritage.


Assertive “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” approach

Grasse Expertise brings together professionals of this specific geographical sector, who are significantly involved as a group in a territorial CSR approach centered on three axes :

1. They are located in the Pays de Grasse and they maintain jobs and furthermore create employment for the future;

2. They participate in continuous improvement and to the influence of the local emblematic savoir faire;

3. They commit themselves to local agricultural production of perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants in the region.


Attractiveness and innovation

The ongoing return of “natural” in consumer demand greatly contributes to the interest of relying on a local supply of these plants of unmatched quality promoted by Grasse Expertise. The iconic savoir-faire about extracting methods, as well as the development of new technics and technologies to process the industry ingredients of the next decades constitute a strong argument to join the ecosystem.


Joining Grasse Expertise means joining a unique sector of excellence.

This ecosystem is supported by the Agglomeration Community of the Pays de Grasse and the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region. This federative initiative was started by the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse two years ago.




What makes #Grasse Expertise professionals distinctive is their mastery of one or more of the following forms of savoir-faire, specific to the Grasse region’s emblematic aromatic industry :

  1. Perfume-plant production
  2. Manufacture of natural aromatic products
  3. Knowledge and mastery of synthetic products
  4. Fragrance and flavor creation
  5. Supply and logistics, equipment, packaging and packing
  6. Education and research
  7. Finished products
  8. Related services and materials : accessories, design, packaging and other specific expertises. 


The acknowledging of the Pays de Grasse‘s perfumery-related savoir-faire as intangible cultural heritage by the UNESCO confirms the outstanding value of #Grasse Expertise ecosystem‘s heritage.


Members of Grasse Expertise

1000 Flowers, Accords et parfums, Albert Vieille, Argeville, Aromax, Asfo, Astier Demarest*, Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger, Aux Belles Senteurs, Azur Fragrances, BLH*, Botanicert, Bougie et Senteur*, Carestia, Expressions Parfumées, Firmenich*, Fleurs de Festival, Floral Concept, Fragonard*, Fragrance Resources, HF Perfumes, Interessens, Jean Niel, Jyta, L'Accent et l'Icône, Le Clos de Callian*, Le Domaine de Manon*, Les Fleurs d'Exception du Pays de Grasse, LifeScientis, Master Foqual - Université Côte d'Azur, MD Fragrance, Nissactive, Passion Nez*, PCW, Quimdis, Robertet*, Tech Isi, Tournaire*, Transports Galot.


* Founding members



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