Perfumer Notes: Vanilla CO₂

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Grown in Madagascar, vanilla CO₂ brings complexity and richness to fragrances.

Robertet’s sustainably sourced natural Madagascar vanilla CO2 is a versatile, sweet and creamy ingredient that enhances gourmand base notes in fragrance development.

Grown in the northeastern part of Madagascar, the vanilla pods are harvested by hand and graded based on size, color, quality and moisture content.

Sourcing Technique

Once sourced, the vanilla pods are sent to Robertet's sister company, Hitex in Brittany, France, where it is extracted via a CO2 process. With an average yield of around 2,000 tons, the pods begin their journey known as the “curing” process. Killing—a few minutes in about 60°C water; sweating—the beans are exposed to hot conditions during the day and then wrapped in blankets at night to “sweat;” and finally, drying—the vanilla beans are exposed to the hot sun a few hours a day until the moisture gets to the appropriate levels. The maturation process lasts about six months in total and goes through various processes to obtain different qualities suitable for use in perfumery and flavors.

For the full article, please check out the Perfumer & Flavorist+ October 2021 issue.

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