[Update] Rachel Zoe Debuts Fragrance Set

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Rachel Zoe Fragrance Discovery Set. Photo: Rachel Zoe.

Rachel Zoe has debuted her first fragrance: Rachel Zoe Fragrance Discovery Set.

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Each scent from Rachel Zoe Fragrance Discovery Set is now available in 3.4 oz bottles.

Rachel Zoe debuted her first fragrance set in November, 2020, comprised of four scents in .34 oz travel-size bottles.

The fragrances remain the same: Warrior, a tuberose musk scent; Empowered, a sweet vanilla woods; Instinct, a bergamot musk; and Fearless, a cedarwood rose scent with coconut.

Each fragrance comes in an animal print inspired bottle and retails for $70. The Fragrance Discovery Set is still available on the American fashion designer's website retailing for $40.

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