WFFC Welcomes New Board Members in Chicago, Cincinnati and New Jersey


WFFC announced its 2017 members to the board of directors in Chicago, Cincinnati and New Jersey chapters.

The Chicago Chapter

Top left- Marissa Piazza Pasky, Karen Van Kampen and Kelli Heinz. Middle left- Cheryl Udzielak, Mary Maile, Christa Gibson and Dafne Diez de Medina. Bottom left- Marilynn Kelly, Kristine Watson and Jane Pinda. Photo courtesy of WFFC.

Chicago officers: Dafne Diez de Medina, president; Mary Maile, vice president; Kelli Heinz, treasurer and Marissa Piazza Pasky, secretary.

The board members: Christa Gibson, Marilynn Kelly, Jane Pinda Cheryl Udzielak, Karen Van Kampen and Kristine Watson.

The Cincinnati Chapter

Front left- Karen DeWitt, Ashley Miller, Samantha Caudill, Lisa Sanders, Erica Boyd and Amy Ashcraft. Bottom left- Lew Weeks, Becca Bush, Katherine Miller, Sarah Forbis, Janine Gage and Melissa Harman. Photo courtesy of WFFC

Cincinnati officers: Ashley E. Miller, president; Sarah Forbis, vice president; Lisa Sanders, treasurer and Katherine Miller, secretary.

The board members: Amy Ashcraft, Erica Boyd, Becca Bush, Samantha Caudill, Karen DeWitt, Janine Gage, Melissa Harman, Kelly Moore-Cole, Karla Morrow and Lew Weeks.

The New Jersey Chapter

In the image: Left to right: Amy Marks-McGee, Christina Christie, Alpa Roman, Joy Wilson, Marie Worsham, Jessica Reichert Webb, Paige Crist, Erica Lermond McDonnell, and Joan Huang. Image by Dan D'Errico

New Jersey officers: Amy Marks-Mcgee, president; Erica Lemond McDonnell, vice president; Patricia Halle, treasurer and Jessica Reichert Weber, secretary.

The board members: Gillian Bleimann, Christina Christie, Paige Crist, Joan Huang, Cathianne Leonardi, Jeanine Pedersen, Alpa Roman, Joy Wilson, Marie Worsham and Marie Wright. 




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