[Update] T. Hasegawa Releases Snack Flavor Trends

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The trend report looks at categories like snacks, flavor and ingredients innovation.

T. Hasegawa has shared the latest emerging food and beverage flavor trends, predicting upcoming changes in what consumers are looking for in packaged foods, beverages and food service.

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  1. Snacking is still all about comfort foods: snack selection is driven by both physical and emotional needs, so classic flavors are a must.
  2. Alternative ingredients are driving snack flavor innovation: Alternative ingredients like roots and rice are rapidly becoming a strong focus of product innovation.
  3. The pandemic has elevated sales of most, but not all, snack categories with the biggest winners being traditional, well-established categories that deliver both versatility and comfort.
  4. Millennials seek experiences from snacks and cite flavors as a source of excitement. Younger consumers expressed strong interest in international snacks, especially Asian cuisines such as Japanese and Thai.

Update: T. Hasegawa reported the 10 top ingredients used in 2021. Ranging from physical ingredients themselves or ingredients that provided a certain effect, the company noticed consumers have taken a heightened interest in:

  1. Caffeine

  2. Adaptogens

  3. Added Vitamins

  4. Hydration

  5. Immunity

  6. Calming

  7. Focus Enhancing

  8. Microbiome Support

  9. Upcycled Ingredients

  10. Chickpeas

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