T. Hasegawa Releases Functional Food and Beverages Trends Report

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Research shows consumer interest in functional ingredients and products supporting immunity, sleep, physical and mental health are on the rise.

T. Hasegawa USA has published a report detailing the latest in food and beverage trends, with a focus on functionality. Consumers seem to be leaning more toward products with purpose, particularly in supporting physical and mental health.

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Some of the study’s main takeaways include:

  • An emphasis on food and beverages that support physical and mental health. The impact of COVID-19 has left health at the forefront of consumer’s minds. With mental health more important than ever, functional foods that support better sleep, stress reduction and better focus are in demand.
  • Gen Z and Millennial consumers are driving the growth of functional foods and beverages. Research shows that more than 40% of those surveyed shows interest in and purchase of at least three or more products that advertise innovation. On the other hand, older generations are more likely to invest in ingredients with a long-established past.
  • Consumer interest in foods and beverages supporting immunity has increased during the pandemic. Both younger and older generations have had increased interest in ways to support their immune system, including lesser-known ingredients like elderberry and turmeric. This gives brands the opportunity to cater to both trend-seekers and unique consumer flavor experiences.
  • Specialty drinks for hydration and focus, as well as comfort foods like snacks and baked goods, also saw a rise in popularity.

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