McCormick Reveals 2021 Flavor Forecast

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McCormick Flavor Forecast 21st Edition reveals global trends driving the tastes of tomorrow.

McCormick has released the 21st edition of its Flavor Forecast, uncovering the trends in how consumers cook, flavor and eat.

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The forecasted trends include:

Plants Pushing Boundaries

This represents how the plant-based world is now mainstream and has developed into a culinary trend that uniquely honors vegetables, fruits and botanicals.

Key flavors include:

  • Ube (purple yam)

  • Szechuan buttons (edible flower buds)

  • Trumpet mushrooms

Humble Nosh

This combines the rising global flavors with the means to travel locally via our plates. 

Key flavors include:

  • Chaat masala (Indian spice blend)

  • Pandan kaya (Malaysian jam)

  • Crisped chilies

Underwater, Under Discovered 

This trend uproots underwater botanicals that infuse snacks, meals and beverages with an earthy flavor for a new take on fresh.

Key flavors include:

  • Dulse (red sea lettuce flakes)

  • Spirulina (blue-green algae)

  • Sea grapes (soft, green algae)

Physiological Eating 

This represents the re-emergence of mindfulness and intention, inspired by ancient practices and beliefs for mind-body balance.

Key flavors include:

  • Coriander

  • Lemon

  • Sea salt

  • Cumin

  • Turmeric

  • Ginger

McCormick is also partnering with HelloFresh to offer a meal kit to experience the Plants Pushing Boundaries trend.

The kit features a recipe for mozzarella and mushroom hoagies that transforms the classic overstuffed Philly sandwich favorite into a plant-based alternative. 

Kevan Vetter, executive chef and director of culinary development for McCormick, said, "The pandemic sizably shifted the way we have lived our lives over the past year, yet food continues to be a way to bring people together, even virtually. Despite global travel restrictions, lockdowns and logging in from vastly different time zones, it was moving to see everyone committed to our mission to study emerging trends and identify the flavors that will undoubtedly spark inspiration for both the home cook and professional chef for years to come."

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