McCormick Releases 2020 Flavor Forecast

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McCormick Flavor Forecast predicts popular flavors for the year.

McCormick has released its 2020 Flavor Forecast, which identifies flavor trends that are making their way back into foods. 

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The forcasted trends include:

Sweet & Seasonal Satisfaction

  • smoked spices & herbs
  • pumpkin pie spice & coconut milk
  • lemon
  • ancho chile pepper & hibiscus

Global Finds

  • Latin America
    • Bahian seasoning
    • Mexican recados, a popular sour orange and annatto-flavored Yucatan spice paste
  • Modern Mediterranean
    • Barberries, a small dried fruit
    • Dukkah, a spice blend from North African regions
  • Asian finds
    • Izakayas, Japanese gastropubs
    • Pinoy BBQ, a popular Filipino street food
    • Kashmiri, a fragrant blend of spices

Spicy Revolution

  • Chilies Obsession
    • Aji Amarillo
    • Guajillo
    • Tien Tsin
    • Chilie de Arbol
  • Heat plus tang
    • Chamoy Sauce
    • Sambal Sauce in Southeast Asia
  • Sweet on pepper

Empowered Eating & Drinking

  • Alternative pulse proteins
    • cumin and coconut paired with pigeo peas
    • sage and albariño wine enhanced cranberry beans
    • black beluga lentins with peach and mustard
  • Blends with benefits
    • matcha mixed with ginger and citrus
    • chia seeds paired with citrus, chile and garlic
    • tumerica blended with cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg
    • flaxseed combined with Mediterranean herbs
  • Umami veggies

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