Flavor Formulation: My Top Seven Dairy Materials


Perhaps they’ll become some of your favorites too, if they’re not already.

delta-Tetradecalactone (FEMA# 3590)

In and of itself, delta-tetradecalactone’s oily, milky, general dairy notes are not particularly remarkable or strong. However, when used alongside the lower lactones, its beauty becomes apparent. It has a way of extending and deepening a dairy profile and provides a rich, creamy, milky background. When used at higher concentrations, delta-tetradecalactone can also exhibit a softening effect on the initial impact of a flavor. So, use it wisely. Flavors that benefit from delta-tetradecalactone’s supporting role are milk, cream, fresh mozzarella and dulce de leche. Another purely inorganoleptic reason why delta-tetradecalactone is one of my favorite materials is the way it sounds tripping off the tongue, a minor detail, but still fun to say!

Other materials discussed: cis-4-Heptenal (FEMA# 3289), 2-Heptanone (FEMA# 2544), 1-Octen-3-ol (FEMA# 2805), Sulfurol (FEMA# 3204), Methyl thiobutyrate (FEMA# 3310), 2-Acetyl pyrazine (FEMA# 3126) 

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