MANE Flexes Manufacturing for Flexitarians


Along with vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian, flexitarian diets have reached companies' product portfolios in an effort to reach health-conscious consumers. What exactly is a flexitarian? According to, the definition is similar to how it sounds: a flexible vegetarian who occassionally consumes meat and/or fish.

In order to understand the deeper need of the consumer, MANE, is marketing meat-free products for the vegetarian and vegan consumers in order to appeal to the growing 38% of flexitarians in the past year in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) regions.

The company has developed and sold savory vegetarian and vegan products during its 30 years' experience with vegetable proteins, namely soy and pea. The company's research efforts in this area also involve masking off-notes that occur in vegetable proteins.

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