Chobani’s New Sweet and Spicy Flavors


As of January, Chobani yogurt will release a new line of savory flavors. The sweet and spicy, “flip” flavors will include chipotle pineapple and sriracha mango.

The twist to these yogurts is the spicy flavors are actually a mix-in. The sriracha flavor can be added in from the crisped rice, which must be folded into the yogurt. The same goes with the chipotle granola, which mixes with the pineapple.

Based on snack and market trends, Chobani also experimented at food expositions to help make the decision of creating these flavors.

Other Yogurt Companies’ Savory Success Stories

The first savory line of yogurt launched in the United States in 2013 when Blue Hill released tomato, carrot and beet flavors.

According to Mashable, the biggest savory leap American yogurt manufacturers took was marketing Greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute.

With the success of the replacement, other companies took notice of consumers’ interests in savory yogurts to not only eat on its own, but also combine with other foods when cooking.

Another company, Sohha—a Lebanese-style savory yogurt—does not include any additives or sugar and is used as a savory breakfast option.

Source: Mashable

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