Labs of the Future: How to choose a LIMS or ELN in 2021


Interested in digitizing your R&D organization? Stuck with Excel, Pen & Paper or other outdated tools, and want to learn what a modern data-driven approach should look like? This whitepaper discusses the current state of the art for Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS). 

A LIMS functions as the central nervous system of your R&D effort. While LIMS have been around for decades, they have traditionally been limited to capturing measurement data, and provide little in the way of searchability, analysis tools and linkages with experimental information such as the ingredients and process used. Modern LIMS systems are changing that — with powerful, easy to use interfaces that scientists enjoy, instead of an outdated software that is a struggle to use. 

Read the case study to learn more. If you’re looking for an electronic lab notebook, you can find a similar guide here, focusing on the aspects of ELNs that are not typically found in LIMS. 


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