Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: September 2015

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Judith Michalski and organoleptic evaluation panelists explore a variety of flavor components and applications, including vanilla oleoresin Bourbon 20X P&N, Parsley seed oil P&N, coffee absolute P&N and more.

Vanilla oleoresin Bourbon 20X P&N, FEMA# 3106, CAS# 8023-78-7, natural, Vanilla planifolia, is described as: This lovely material will improve all vanilla flavors with its highly characteristic profile. It adds richness to sweet brown flavors such as caramel, milk chocolate, toffee and graham cracker, as well as deepens sweet dairy flavors including custard, condensed milk, dulce de leche and cheesecake.

The piece also discusses the following:

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Coffee absolute P&N; 10% Trithioacetone in ethanol, natural; Parsley seed oil P&N; Olibanum oil, P&N (synonym: frankincense oil); Furfuryl thioacetate, natural; Cajeput oil, P&N; 1-Butanethiol, natural; Palmarosa oil, P&N; Pistachio distillate RN2105

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