DSM Debuts New Plant-Based Vegan Fish Flavor

DSM launches new vegan, 100% allergen-free flavor solution: Maxavor Fish YE.
DSM launches new vegan, 100% allergen-free flavor solution: Maxavor Fish YE.

DSM adds to its plant-based line-up with the launch of Maxavor Fish YE. The new vegan, 100% allergen-free flavor solution is derived from algal oil.

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This first of its kind innovation allows food manufacturers to deliver an authentic fish taste and mouthfeel in a variety of plant-based fish alternative applications, in addition to fish-based products. 

Maxavor Fish YE offers manufacturers of plant and fish-based foods two taste profiles (Maxavor Fish M YE and Maxavor Fish W YE) to emulate the body, mouth-feel and taste of distinct fish varieties; one for rich and oily dark fish and another for fresh, light and fleshy white fish.

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Designed to help producers create a broad range of product positionings and mask the strong flavors typically imparted by plant-based proteins. Added during the blending of dry ingredients, Maxavor Fish YE is also low in salt, enabling producers to tailor sodium levels and achieve the desired taste and texture, without compromising a product’s nutritional profile.

Verschelling, director business development and innovation at DSM, said, “Part of DSM’s broad portfolio of plant-based solutions and Maxavor® range of vegan flavors, this unique, algal oil-derived flavor will undoubtedly help our customers create great-tasting, label-friendly plant-based fish alternatives and fish-based products that meet diverse consumer preferences and that help combat overfishing in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 ‘Life Below Water’.”

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