Aurochemicals: Innovations in Sustainability & Natural Products


At Aurochemicals, we offer more than 500 natural flavor and fragrance ingredients to meet the demands of increasingly health-conscious consumers. They want final products made from ingredients representative of what nature has to offer and provide authenticity of naturalness over artificiality. Food manufacturers also count on us for sourcing ingredients that allow them to label their products with the “all natural” designation. These trends have impacted our industry on an international level, and reflect a larger social awareness of environmental issues. Our commitment to creating all natural flavor and fragrance ingredients also compels us to be responsible stewards of the natural environment from which our components are derived.

Without regard for environmental safety, the rate and upward trajectory of issues such as climate change, pollution and overuse of resources will continue to make negative and increasingly irreparable impacts on the natural world and our society on a global scale. This is why sustainability is so important at Aurochemicals, and why we continually evaluate and adjust our strategies to minimize deleterious and negative environmental impact. We have improved our processes to maximize efficiency and have been able to cut consumption and improve our green footprint by implementing five critical tasks. We call them the “Five R’s”:

  • Recycle
  • Reduce
  • Redesign
  • Reuse
  • Re-Earth

We Recycle everything we can. Our facilities have containers to accept recyclables; these are scheduled for pick-up and proper handling on a weekly basis. All fiberboard drums and cardboard boxes we accept during receiving are composted or recycled.

To Reduce our energy and resource consumption, we share documents electronically rather than printing them. When and where possible, skylights and windows are used to illuminate our warehouse space instead of electric lighting. Aurochemicals has also insulated its facility to the current building code standards to prevent heat loss and maximize related energy consumption. 

Along with our lighting solutions, we’ve also Redesigned our on-site fuel requirements by converting from oil to propane gas, improving our heating efficiency by 10%. We have also switched our gas-powered forklifts to electric ones.

We have also begun to Reuse certain materials to mitigate waste production in our processes. We repair damaged, but otherwise reusable items that serve in functional capacities, such as pallets. When we receive materials that are off-specification – meaning not up to standards for our final products – we try to identify ways to reprocess and repurpose them in ways that mitigate waste while helping our overall research and development.

Finally, it is our practice to be mindful of opportunities to Re-Earth. This includes reusing mulch to save on maintenance costs, cultivating an on-site garden and being sure that we preserve the natural landscape whenever possible.

Aurochemicals is proud to say that 99% of our products are made from renewable resources. Just as we’re meticulous in making sure our products meet FDA and Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards – we have received the E-Excellent SQF rating every year since 2014 – we are careful to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment. This is just one more way Aurochemicals is making good on its commitment to its customers and the environment – by being a leader in safe and sustainable natural fragrance and flavor ingredients.


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