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New FEMA ingredients – and beyond

To keep up with consumer needs for new and interesting tastes, MilliporeSigma has partnered with a key manufacturer to provide the newest FEMA ingredients.  These Sigma-Aldrich branded food grade materials will be exclusively offered and deliver new, hard-to-find flavor and fragrance ingredients recently approved by FEMA. The products launched include synthetic and European natural options, manufactured under ISO 22000 quality systems.  You can expect to see FEMA 4884, 4785, and 4786 to name a few.  We are continually looking to broaden our portfolio to help our customers innovate their formulations.  Fill out the request information form on the right to receive a sample or provide new product ideas!


Application Guides to Spark Creativity

MilliporeSigma offers application guides to highlight a selection of aroma chemicals to provide accurate and descriptive application information. Click here to view our available guides for downloading.

Sigma Pf1902 Image1


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