Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials July 2018


Bran Absolute 100

Supplier: Excellentia

GRAS, CAS# 68919-76-7, Triticum spp., natural

Odor: @ 100%. Brown, haylike, tobaccolike, sweet and bready.

Taste: @ 20 ppm. Brown, grainy and slightly cardboardlike.

Taste: @ 40 ppm. Brown, cereallike, fermented and bready.

Possible applications: Brown flavors will definitely benefit from the use of this material, including dried fruits like raisin, prune and date as well as cereals, malt, maple, molasses, cocoa, bread dough, bread, tobacco and dark beer.


Tetrahydrofurfuryl acetate W305502

Supplier: Sigma-Aldrich

FEMA# 3055, CAS# 637-64-9

Not currently found in nature.

Odor: @ 100%. Solventlike, fermented and fruity with a leatherlike nuance.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Sweet, brown and slightly solventlike.

Taste: @ 40 ppm. Sweet, brown, astringent and nut skinlike.

Possible applications: The interesting profile of this ester will make it a useful addition to nut flavors, particularly walnut for skin notes, to banana for a ripe, ‘black’ quality and to spirited flavors like rum and wine. It might also be considered for vanilla flavors to add an extract note.



Supplier: DeLong Chemicals America

FEMA# 3332, CAS# 84642-61-5, synonym: acetoin butyrate

Natural occurrence: Lulo, pawpaw and melon.

Odor: @ 1%.Slight acidic, fermented, creamy, buttery and oily.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Milky, creamy and slightly buttery.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Dairylike, milky and cheesy with an oily mouthfeel.

Possible applications: Dairy flavors are the obvious application for this material, especially those of the cultured sort like butter, sour cream, mild cheddar cheese, yogurt, cream cheese and the like. It will also perform well in sweet browns including beurre noisette, dulce de leche, caramel, chocolate, toffee, butterscotch, maple and brown sugar.

DeLong Chemicals America:

2-Oxobutyric acid

Supplier: Pyrazine Specialties, Inc.

Odor: @ 100%. Brown, acidic, sweet, fermented, cheesy and slightly caramellic.

Natural occurrence: Beer.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Astringent and slightly dairylike.

Taste: @ 20 ppm. Brown, creamy and acidic.

Possible applications: The creamy, brown, acidic notes of this acid will add body to fermented types of flavors like cider, balsamic vinegar, brines, rum and enhance brown flavors like brown sugar, butterscotch, caramel, raisin, prune, tobacco and chocolate.

Synerzine (formerly Pyrazine Specialties, Inc.):


Supplier: DeLong Chemicals America

FEMA# 3363, CAS# 1604-28-0

Natural occurrence: Hazelnut, grape, licorice, tomato, tea, pea and rice bran.

Odor: @ 1%. Sweet, coumarinlike, coconutlike, creamy, cinnamic and ketonic.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Creamy, herbal, coconutlike, and dairylike.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Creamy, coumarinlike, coconutlike, cinnamic and fatty.

Possible applications: The spicy, coconut nature of this material will add depth to flavors like cinnamon, cola, anise, tobacco, vanilla, root beer, woodruff, coconut and coumarin.

DeLong Chemicals America:

(Methylthio)methyl pyrazine, mixed isomers W320803

Supplier: Sigma-Aldrich

FEMA# 3208, CAS# 2882-20-4

Not yet found in nature.

Odor: @ 1%.Slightly gasolinelike, toasted, nutty, peanut, brown, musty and earthy.

Taste: @ 1 ppm.Nutty, toasted, peanut butterlike and rich.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Nutty, peanut butterlike, toasted, rich and earthy.

Possible applications: The mostly toasted, not roasted quality of this pyrazine will add nicely to the profiles of nuts like peanut, hazelnut, pecan, peanut butter, macadamia nuts, cracker, grain, rice and sesame flavors. It should also be considered for adding to the roasted complex of chicken and pork flavors.


Linalool oxide, natural W374600

Supplier: Sigma-Aldrich

FEMA# 3746, CAS# 60047-17-8, natural

Natural occurrence: Coriander, fig and ginger.

Odor: @ 100%. Cooling, sweet, green, herbal, terpeney and floral.

Taste: @ 10 ppm. Cooling, herbal, green and floral.

Taste: @ 20 ppm. Herbal, green, tealike, floral and slightly terpineollike.

Possible applications: The delicate, cooling nature of this chemical will enhance most tea flavors and berry flavors like raspberry, blackberry and blueberry, as well as tropicals like mango and kiwi. Other flavors where it will perform well are in mints, cucumber, melon and lavender.



Supplier: Pyrazine Specialties, Inc.

FEMA# 3964, CAS# 23787-80-6

Natural occurrence: Clam, cocoa, coffee, scallop, pork and French-fried potato.

Odor: @ 1%. Nutty, toasted, brown, earthy, musty and masalike.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Raw, nutty, toasted and grainlike.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Raw, nutty, toasted, grainy, cornlike and brown.

Possible applications: Like its smaller brother 2-acetylpyrazine, this material will greatly enhance toasted notes in nut and grain flavors, like hazelnut, pecan, peanut, pistachio, popcorn, sesame, corn chip, masa and rice. It will also be well-used in pie and bread crust, caramel and browned butter flavors.

Synerzine (formerly Pyrazine Specialties, Inc.):

Cinnamon Bark Oil, Madagascar

Source: Excellentia

FEMA# 2291, CAS# 8015-91-6, Cinnamomum verum, natural

Odor: @ 100%. Spicy, woody, cinnamon and slightly clovelike.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Sweet, cinnamon, brown and spicy with a tingle.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Cinnamon, clovelike, woody and resinous with a spicy bite.

Possible applications: All flavors cinnamon will benefit from this essential oil including spice blends for chai, pumpkin, apple pie, tea, gingerbread and other baked goods.Additional areas where it will add spicy support are cola, cherry and mints.


2,3,5-Trimethylpyrazine, natural

Supplier:Myrazine LLC

FEMA# 3244, CAS# 14667-55-1, natural

Natural occurrence: Roasted almond and barley, beef, cocoa, coffee, hazelnut, peanut, tobacco, whiskey, shrimp and Emmental cheese.

Odor: @1%.Raw nutlike, burnt, brown, nutty, cocoa, roasted and baked potato skinlike.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Brown, coffeelike, bitter, burnt and cocoalike.

Taste: @ 2 ppm.Burnt, nutty, coffeelike, bitter, musty and cocoalike.

Possible applications: The almost bonfire-like notes of this pyrazine will add rich burnt notes to cocoa, chocolate, coffee, mocha, baked potato, nuts and roast meats, like beef, chicken and pork.

Myrazine LLC:

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