[Podcast] Creating Clean Tastes With Dave Pirazzini

Pf Rebbl Lead 22719

In the latest episode of the Two Sense podcast, Perfumer & Flavorist sat down with Dave Pirazzini, senior manager of innovation for the plant-based beverage brand REBBL, to discuss the process of creating clean tastes.

“Consumers are in charge. They have a ton of choices. Despite that, they want even more choices,” said Pirazzini. "Millennials and iGeners [want] customization or perceived customization ... They want a product that is designed just for them.”

Some of the topics discussed on the show include: 

  • communicating authentic products and flavors to consumers,
  • the opportunity to innovate in the organic and clean label space,
  • dealing with misinformation in the flavor and food industries and
  • Pirazzini’s upcoming Flavorcon presentation

Listen to the full conversation today and stay tuned for more details on Flavorcon 2019: 

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