Symrise Collaborates with Holy Energy for Natural Energy Drink

Daniel Balke, Symrise application technologist, combined familiar flavors with trending tastes to create three exotic flavor combinations.
Daniel Balke, Symrise application technologist, combined familiar flavors with trending tastes to create three exotic flavor combinations.

Symrise has announced a collaboration with the startup company, Holy Energy, in developing an energy drink with a natural energy booster.

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The companies got to know each other in Berlin during the collaboration of Symrise with KitchenTown, an innovation platform for food and food technology startups. Together, Symrise and Holy Energy have developed a beverage gaming booster with natural fruit flavors and coloring. It comes with a very low sugar content (0.1gr/100ml) and no taurine or fillers.

Together with the technologists and the Symrise beverage development team, Holy Energy founders Frederick Jost, Mathias Horsch and Phillip Naß, the team screened and filtered a wide range of ideas and quickly translated them into the final product. Symrise, with its expertise in balancing taste in low-sugar-beverages or those that enhance well-being, helped make the product taste great naturally.

Daniel Balke, application technologist in product development at Symrise, wanted to use creative flavors to promote the optimal launch of the product on the market. He combined familiar flavors with new, hip tastes and came up with three flavors with exotic combinations. Raspberry yuzu, citrus calamansi and pineapple passion fruit are expected to suit the gamers’ tastes.

Holy Energy chose a special approach in launching their energy booster with natural flavors and other ingredients that promote well-being. The startup puts caffeine into the product by means of the specially developed NewCaff. The patented, microencapsulated caffeine releases slowly in the body over about four hours, leading to a steady caffeine boost. Green tea extract combined with L-theanin provides the full effect. This has proven to counteract potential side effects of caffeine, such as nervousness. The booster also contains vitamins, and one serving of the drink contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee.

Symrise is also utilizing its code of nature platform for natural taste formulation. The platform decodes consumer trends and connects these insights with responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients, regulatory advisory expertise and Symrise’s long-standing scientific tradition in order to develop natural, authentic taste solutions.

Frederick Jost of Holy Energy said, “Looking back, our collaboration with Symrise turned out as one of the best decisions in Holy’s short existence. We very much appreciate the expertise, motivation and agility of the Symrise development and sales team. It enabled us to set new standards in the powdered energy drink category. We thank the Symrise team for their confidence in us.”

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