Symrise Celebrates Facilities' 100th Anniversary

On April 5, 1911, Düning & Krausse Essenzenfabrik was founded in Braunschweig, Germany, meaning this year marks as its 100-year anniversary. Since 1911, it has been supplying flavorings and raw materials to the beverage industry, first operated by Haarmann & Reimer since 1969 and then as a Symrise AG facility from 2003. In fact, in recent years, Symrise has invested a significant amount in the site, which has an agreement with Symrise through 2016 that also extends to Braunschweig’s approximately 100 employees. The facilities‘ product portfolio today includes fruit juice concentrates and compounds for the beverage industry, as well as liquid chocolate concentrate.

Frank von Keutz, vice president of the beverages business unit at Symrise, commented on the anniversary, saying, "Braunschweig looks back on a long tradition in the field of concentrates and compounds for the beverage industry. Today and in the future, the facility forms an essential pillar of our beverages business and an important part of the growth strategy. This of course means that we will continue to invest. This will allow Symrise to react flexibly to customer needs and to use the expertise of the facility's employees to provide customers and consumers with popular and new beverage creations in the years to come. We believe that the market for beverages will continue to develop dynamically, and we are well positioned to meet this challenge."

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