Generations of expertise in every drop: Citrus and Allied Essences Reimagined


Every time I hear someone say “Mr. Pisano” to me, I look around for my father.  That is a little ridiculous, considering I am 59-years old, but it is the truth.  Although I remember my first sales call like it was yesterday, in fact it was over 40 years ago. 

I am mindful that my four decade long tenure represents less than half of the time our company has been in business.  When I reflect on my early days working in the flavor and fragrance industries, I smile as I remember all the aspects of our company that I thought needed to be modernized.  Turning the clock forward to today where the fourth generation of Pisano’s has joined the company, I wonder if they have the same thoughts.  Any business that is over 85 years old has reinvented and reimagined itself a number of times.  Once again, C&A has crossed that important threshold and is refocusing its business to stay ahead of the times.

Our new logo would probably make my grandfather happy as it directly points to the production of essential oils.  Charles Pisano had lime factories on Cuba and in the Dominican Republic.  Today, C&A is producing lime oil in the state of Colima, Mexico. We are also producing botanical extracts in Mexico and are exploring the production of other essential oils, particularly those found in Asia and in Europe.  Ten years from today, it would not surprise me if we are offering oils that are typically sourced from outside of the Western Hemisphere, but instead produced in North America. We welcome you to learn more about our product knowledge and expertise in our market report.

The Pisano family tradition of offering processed essential oils continues at our Belcamp, Maryland distillation and reaction facility.  This year we added a new state-of-the-art molecular still and are launching a new line of natural isolates and custom distilled products that can only be manufactured using this equipment. 

C&A’s decision in the 1990s to continue manufacturing aroma chemicals in the United States proved to be enlightened.  In today’s world of trade wars and tariffs, our customers can take great comfort in knowing that many of the aroma chemicals we offer are made in the USA. 

As our new tag line proclaims, C&A offers generations of expertise in every drop! For essential oils, including conventional and organic, our customers can be confident that the products we offer have been pre-selected based on our knowledge of qualities, origins, and the reputations of our suppliers.  This includes their commitment to sustainable agriculture.  Our quality control methods are best-in-class and our regulatory department provides a pedigree with every product.

Most importantly, the owners of the company and our colleagues, many of whom have worked for C&A for over thirty years, are having fun.  We like what we do and look forward to working with the next generation of colleagues equally passionate about the quality of our products and the joy of satisfying our customers.


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