Flavorful History

Sigma-Aldrich/Millipore Sigma
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The Sigma-Aldrich® flavors and fragrance portfolio has a flavorful history.  We entered the F&F industry over 30 years ago based on a recommendation from the Rabbi of Aldrich Chemical’s founder, Alfred Bader. We invite you to watch our video.

With a focus on the F&F industry needs we have grown to offer over 1,500 products, covering more than 120 different organoleptic characteristics and meeting a variety of regulatory requirements including Natural, Kosher, Halal, Food Grade and more. Our dedicated team, including regulatory and quality professionals, collaborate so our customers have what they need to make memorable and compliant formulations.

We continue to expand our manufactured ingredients.  Fill out the form on the right-hand side to receive a copy of the latest Application Guide where we highlight our newest manufactured products. Along with descriptive applications, the following information is provided:

  •  Organoleptic characteristics (Flavor & Aroma)
  •  Natural occurrences
  •  Quality grade and certifications

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