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Givaudan Announces Half Year Results

In the fragrance division, the company saw double-digit growth in active beauty; flavor sales were driven by segments including beverages and dairy.

Sensient Releases Q2 2018 Financial Results

The company has released its Q2 2018 results, which reported strong growth among its color group and flavors and fragrances business.

Lay’s Goes Regional With Summer of Flavors Releases

The latest line of potato chips will feature eight regional flavors, including deep dish pizza, New England lobster roll, Thai sweet chili and others.

Now Hiring: Sales Representative, Asia for Bedoukian

The company is looking for a sales representative to serve Asian markets, along with identifying areas for growth.

Flavored Water Makes a Splash Through 2023

The flavored water market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 9.5% as consumers are looking for flavorful and healthier beverage options.

Shaken or Stirred? Comax Flavors Releases Alcohol Consumer Study

The recent study reports consumer behaviors among spirit categories, including whiskey, vodka, rum, gin tequila, schnapps, cream liqueur and crème liqueur.

Fruity & Functional: Creating Effective Superfood Flavors

During his Flavorcon 2018 presentation, Danny Hodrien, managing director and chief flavorist for F&F Projects Ltd., will discuss the volatile flavor compounds of Maqui berries and watermelon seeds.

From the Ground Up Shakes Up Salty Snack Market

Expanding in the better-for-you snack space, the company has released a line of cauliflower-based snacks, which includes cheddar and nacho flavored crackers.

Gut Health in A Cup with Thinkthin’s Oatmeal Line

Taking after the functional product trend, Thinkthin has released a probiotic-fortified oatmeal, which is available in cinnamon almond, maple pecan and blueberry flavors.

Toasting Whisky Flavors at Flavorcon With Ewan Morgan

Ewan Morgan, national director of Diageo Reserve Program, will discuss the alchemy of whisky production and its major flavor components during Flavorcon 2018.

Functional, Fresh and Flavorful: Top 5 Food Trends for 2018

The drive for better-for-you products has led to the growth of chef-inspired products, unique fruit flavors and functional ingredients, according to Imbibe.

Smart Snacking: U.S. Salty Snacks Market to Reach $29 Billion

The U.S. salty snack market is seeing strong growth as consumers are increasingly opting for on-the-go eats and less formal meals.

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