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Creating Flavors for Plant-based Meats at Flavorcon 2019

During the event, Nadji Rekhif, senior flavor specialist at the Nestle Development Center, will discuss how to address plant proteins’ inherit bitter off notes and how to create appealing flavors for plant-based meats.

Natural Flavor Innovation From Around the Globe at Flavorcon 2019

At Flavorcon 2019, Tao Feng, professor at Shanghai Institute of Technology, will discuss some of the ingredients that are innovating natural flavors in China.

Preparing the Next Generation of Flavorists at Flavorcon 2019

At Flavorcon 2019, Bryn Thomas, application technologist for Givaudan, will discuss the opportunities in the F&F industry that await students and new graduates.

A Hint of Regional Mint Tastes at Flavorcon 2019

At Flavorcon 2019, Richard Pisano, Jr. will discuss the flavor characteristics of regionally specific mint oils and why different regions play a role in mint's taste.

Fermented Flavors and Fine Dining Discussed at Flavorcon 2019

David Zilber, director of fermentation for Restaurant Noma, and Jeff Gordinier, food and drinks editor for Esquire, will hold a conversation on fermented flavors and fine dining at Flavorcon 2019.

Creating Craft Beer Flavors at Flavorcon 2019

At Flavorcon 2019, Travis Houston, sensory specialist at Rhinegeist Brewery, will discuss how to create innovative craft beer flavors using centuries-old techniques, new process and beer’s four simple ingredients (water, hop, malt and yeast).

Scent and Taste Meet in Marie Wright’s Flavorcon 2019 Masterclass

In her Flavorcon masterclass, Marie Wright will discuss the trend of products flavored with fragrance notes and how scent can innovate the flavor industry.

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