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Book Your Hotel for Flavorcon 2019 Today

Planning on attending Flavorcon 2019 and looking for a place to stay? Hotel rooms are available at a discounted rate for attendees and exhibitors.

[Podcast] Creating Clean Tastes With Dave Pirazzini

“Consumers are in charge. They have a ton of choices. Despite that, they want even more choices,” said Pirazzini. "Millennials and iGeners [want] customization or perceived customization ... They want a product that is designed just for them.”

[Video] A Taste of Digital Flavors at Flavorcon 2018

Is digital the future of flavor? At Flavorcon 2018, Nimesha Ranasinghe, Ph.D., presented his virtual cocktail, which simulates tastes sensation through a digital medium.

Creating Authentic, Functional and Flavorful Clean Labels at Flavorcon 2019

Dave Pirazzini, senior manager of innovation for REBBL, will discuss the dynamic of creating functional and flavorful products without compromising a brand's values and mission.

Flavorcon 2018 Hosts Global Tastemakers in Atlantic City

The global flavor, food and beverage event brought together more than 550 attendees to discuss insights into ingredients, formulations, product development and consumer and market trends.

Flavorcon 2019 Call-for-Proposals Now Open

Got an interesting topic you'd like to share with the flavor, food and beverage industries? Flavorcon is now accepting proposals for its 2019 event in Cincinnati, OH on Nov. 11-12.

[Podcast] Manipulating Whisky Flavors With Ewan Morgan

The latest edition of the Two Sense podcast features a conversation with Ewan Morgan, national director of Diageo, at Flavorcon 2018.

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