Grupo Boticário Talks Olfactory Loss in Aging Differences @ WPC 2024

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Don't miss the session Smell & Diversity: Olfactory Loss in Aging Differences & Opportunities in Market Innovation with Monique Alves Frazon Cantú, R&D Sr. Scientist at Grupo Boticário and Natália Queiroz Rezende, R&D Specialist at Grupo Boticário.

The older population olfactory dysfunction is a common feature, and its prevalence and severity increase substantially with aging. The sense of smell essentially contributes to social communication, guides nutrition behavior and elicits avoidance towards environmental hazards. Olfactory smell impairment may imply impact on consumer perception,  preferences, consumption behavior and quality of life, however little is known about the underlying impact. The aim of study was to investigate whether and to what extent age-related olfactory loss impacts the perception of use and consumption of fragrances. In this context, Grupo Boticário will share research and study findings regarding olfactory loss in aging differences, fragrance odor perception among age groups followed by the white space for fragrance tech and product innovation in this market appealing to consumers. 

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