Cosmo International Fragrances Celebrates “Latina Souls” of Latin America @ WPC 2024

Latina Souls Wpc24 #1
courtesy of Cosmo

At World Perfumery Congress 2024, Cosmo International Fragrances celebrated the “Latina Souls” of Latin America.

Cosmo International Fragrances has invested in the region through two farms, one in Colombia and another in Peru, devoted to cultivating and sourcing exceptional natural raw materials through a unique “Latine” terroir.

For WPC, four natural ingredients were selected from Cosmo's palette of raw materials. Cosmo will also be revealing one of their new natural ingredients, Petitgrain Lime Essence, at WPC.

Craftivity: Derived from white cacao beans and developed in collaboration with a master chocolatier, re-explores balsamic notes, offering a rich yet gourmand scent.

AquaElixir: An exclusive 100% natural origin and water-based technology for alcohol-free fragrances, will be introduced. This advanced green technology offers high sensory performance and skin-friendly solutions, and it remains completely transparent even at high fragrance concentrations.

Anne-Laure André, project manager at the Natural Ingredients Division, mentions, “We carefully cultivate lime trees on our Cosmo Colombian farm. We extract their fresh leaves to obtain a rare extract of Petitgrain Lime essence, rich in fruity, zesty, and vegetal notes.”

“We will also present our Schinus Molle MD ‘Molecular Distillation,’ originating from the sacred lands of the Incas in Peru, which reveals a spicy effervescence and delicate woody facets, whereas our Peruvian Ginger CO2 exudes the freshness of the highlands at the juncture of the Andes and the Amazon region, reflecting the vibrant soul of the forest”, mentions Anne-Laure André.

Yannick Maestro, general manager of the Natural Ingredients Division at Cosmo International Fragrances in Mougins, in the Grasse region, France, explains, “We wanted to highlight the rich biodiversity of the region but also the authentic olfactory heritage that is largely unsung in the Perfume industry. Each natural ingredient is a living soul that meets the hands of passionate individuals who take care of them. That is why we also wanted to pay homage to the local communities, these passionate souls that harvest our exclusive natural ingredients, who preserve their ancestral traditions, nurturing both the cultural and natural heritage of their territories.”

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