Don't Miss SFC/CSA Meeting This Week!

The Society of Flavor Chemists will be holding a meeting this Thursday, Oct. 16 at the Holiday Inn, Newark International Airport, NJ. The day begins with board meetings, followed by The Chemical Sources Association business and technical meeting at 2 pm, at which Adim Shath (Alpha R&D) will be speaking about unique essential oils. The SFC education segment begins at 3:30 pm with Robert Cannon (IFF) discussing the key odorants of coffee from various geographical locations. Cannon will be followed by Neil C. Da Costa (Flavors and Fragrance Inc.), who will explore the analysis of volatiles and non-volatiles in yerba maté tea. A cocktail hour will proceed the dinner at 6:30 pm, after which Terry E. Acree (Cornell Institute of Food Science, Food Science and Technology) will be talking about predicting flavor perception from mixture composition. Acree will describe where we have come in understanding the effects of the olfactory components on flavor and discuss where the future issues lie. Such issues as qualia, adaptation, habituation, mixture suppression, limits on complexity, synesthesia, figure-ground perception, and human genomics will be discussed and/or touched upon.

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