Citrus, CBD and Extracts at NAFFS 19th West Coast Flavor Forum

Vigon International featured six ingredients based on cannabis characteristics and two coffee CO2 extracts.
Vigon International featured six ingredients based on cannabis characteristics and two coffee CO2 extracts.

From citrus varietals to CBD oils, flavor ingredients and technologies were on full display at the 19th Annual West Coast Flavor Industry Forum, on March 6, 2019, in Anaheim, CA. 

Organized by the National Association of Flavors and Food-Ingredients Systems (NAFFS), The Society of Flavor Chemists (SFC) and The Chemical Sources Association, the event featured 15 flavor exhibitors and hosted over 100 professionals from across the industry. 

During the event, attendees sampled flavors from top flavor companies and have their questions answered by representatives. Among the companies that were present included Advanced Biotech, Astral, Berje, Excellentia, FMI, Frutarom, Global Essence, Horner International, Kalsec, Omega Ingredients, Natural Advantage, Robertet Groupe, Sorse Technology, Treat and Vigon International. The event was sponsored by Initech, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Elan, Flavor & Fragrance Specialties, Sethness Caramel Color, Kalsec, Advanced Biotech, Treatt, Astral and Sorse Technology. 

While each company's samples were unique, several popular ingredient categories were on predominate display; most notably citrus ingredients, CBD oils and CO2 extracts. Among some of the companies and products featured were: 

  • Robertet Groupe sampled its rice bran absolute, cocoa extract natural, blackcurrant buds absolute, Nepal pepper CO2 extract, ambrette liquid absolute, orange peel EO colorless and jambu oleoresin 3-% spilanthol/ PG
  • Vigon International featured a bisabolol alpha, caryophyllene, guaiol natural, humulene, ocimene natural and phytol natural. Each of these ingredients is a chemical component of various cannabis strains. Additionally, the company featured its arabica and Colombia CO2 extracts. 
  • Omega Ingredient presented a range of ingredients, including its blood orange, timut pepper, saffron, hibiscus, juniper, basil, inca and yuzu. 
  • While most exhibitors featured raw flavor materials, Sorse Technology demonstrated its emulsion technology in CBD products with a liquid concentrate. 
  • Global Essence featured its black pepper oil organic, blood orange oil sanguinello, cardamom oil green CO2 extract, coffee arabica CO2 extract, ginger oil CO2 extract, lime oil CP organic, Italian lemon oil, turmeric oil CO2 extract, vanilla extract 1x organic and vanilla oleoresin natural 32x bourbon. 
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