Disruptive Beverages 101 at Flavorcon 2018 With Ilana Orlofsky


Due to rapidly shifting consumer demands, the flavor industry is experiencing an explosion of innovation. No more so than in the beverage category. Flavorcon  2018 will address this ever-changing landscape with Ilana Orlofsky, marketing manager of Imbibe, and her presentation, “The Most Disruptive Beverages You Should Know About.”

In this presentation, she will highlight the water, coffee and tea categories and the disruptive products in each category, along with what is attributing to their overall growths. Additionally, the session will explore novel ingredients and the language marketers are using to brand their products.

“I’m grateful that in addition to learning from industry veterans, I’m able to share insights into the beverage industry and help colleagues understand how the industry is changing,” said Orlofsky. “Without giving too much away as to what I’ll be talking about in November, I’d recommend keeping an eye open for veggie inspired flavors and tea going beyond the basics.”

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