Around the Industry: WFFC Midwest Cocktail Reception

On April 18, 2007, Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce (WFFC) sponsored their first networking event in Cincinnati. The event was the brainchild of Marion Brooks (Citrus & Allied) who spearheaded the event and organized a wonderful meet and greet to get the women (and some men!) to network and find out more about the history and mission of the WFFC. This gathering drew attendees from a variety of companies active in the F&F industry both local and from afar.

In conjunction with the Society of Flavor Chemists meeting the following day, the Marriott was the perfect venue to host a networking and informational meeting for the women of our industry in the Cincinnati area. The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the organization to the area and gain new members, with the hopes of gathering sufficient interest from the women to eventually form a Midwest chapter of the WFFC.

Over the years, the WFFC has noted that many of the industry members working and living in the Midwestern states often do not have the opportunity to participate in the various networking and educational events we have going in the New Jersey area. We look forward to hosting more Midwestern meetings (the next one to be held in the Chicago area in July during the Institute of Food Technologists Expo) and to continue to gain momentum in the region.

It is our hope and goal to expand our organization through new membership from women throughout the F&F industry, so that they may benefit from the many opportunities that starting a new regional chapter and participating in the WFFC offers. We are fully committed to this goal and will continue to support and encourage those who are interested in making a Midwest chapter of the WFFC a reality.

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