“Scent is Life” Exhibit

The Monell Chemical Senses Center, in collaboration with perfumer Christopher Brosius, has introduced the “Scent is Life” exhibit. Running from May 19-July 1 at The Science Center’s Esther M. Klein Art Gallery, Philadelphia, the exhibit includes interactive installations designed to reveal the mysterious yet powerful influence of the sense of smell on people’s lives. Many of the installations use scent to take the audience on a journey. Scents including boardwalk, sun tan lotion and car interior with wet bathing suit create the experience Day at the Beach. Commentary from the Monell Center will provide a scientific foundation to parallel and contrast Brosius’ expressive perspective.

Of the exhibit Brosius said, “I’m so pleased to unveil the exhibit in this vibrant city and hope that my creative vision will provide a unique personal experience for those who appreciate both art and science.”

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