Afyren and Südzucker Reach Long-Term Supply Agreement

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Afyren secured procurement of sugar beet co-products as feedstock for industrial scale production of its sustainable chemicals. Photo: Afyren.

Afyren and Südzucker have reached a long-term agreement on the supply of sugar beet co-products as feedstock for Afyren Neoxy.

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Afyren Neoxy is a zero-waste, low-carbon biorefinery that will begin producing seven 100% biobased organic acids at industrial scale in early 2022. 

Using sugar beet co-products, provided by Südzucker, to produce bio-based organic acids provides a high level of revalorization and does not affect the food chain.

The agreement to upcycle these co-products into high-value chemicals that are usually made from petroleum derivatives fits into its commitment to conduct business in a manner that utilizes resources sustainably.

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With multiple sugar plants in areas surrounding the Afyren Neoxy plant in Carling-Saint-Avold, near the French-German border, Südzucker can guarantee supply of this feedstock, allowing Afyren to focus on its other business goals.

Michael Schäfer, chief market analyst at Südzucker's sugar and co-product division, said, "We align our actions in terms of sustainability across the entire value chain, from the agricultural raw material to the finished products and co-products. Customer requirements evolve, and we meet them with innovation and by diversifying our product portfolio across diverse geographic regions and markets."

Nicolas Sordet, CEO of Afyren, said, "We're very pleased with this agreement. Getting a long-term deal with an industry leader like Südzucker validates our project and moves it a big step forward. Now we have a guaranteed supply of key feedstock, and an efficient supply chain."

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