All of the Flavor-Forward Podcasts from 2022

From flavor trends to ingredient launches to biotechnology insights, catch up on this year's podcasts.
From flavor trends to ingredient launches to biotechnology insights, catch up on this year's podcasts.

This year Perfumer & Flavorist+ connected with flavor professionals to weigh in on various markets including flavor trends, advances in biotechnology, ingredient launches and even a few behind-the-scenes anecdotes from family-owned companies that have been in business for decades. Take a look at this list of compiled editorial—and sponsored—podcasts and videocasts from 2022.


Argeville Discusses Flavor Trends and Industry Evolution

While in France, Perfumer & Flavorist+ (P&F+) managing editor, Jenna Rimensnyder alongside P&F+ associate publisher, Paige Crist, stopped by the Argeville offices in Mougin.

Exploring the Benefits of Biotechnology with Abolis

Perfumer & Flavorist+ connects with Abolis CEO Cyrille Pauthenier to discuss the company's role in meeting the industry's needs in biotech, what it means to be “bio-synthesis architects” and more.


[video] Discover IFF NEO™ for Global Beverage Market Formulations

 IFF’s RE-MASTER CITRUS™ innovation flavorist, Natalie Mordt-Sullivan, discusses the usage and versatility of  IFF NEO™. 

[video] Creating a Highly Efficient Flavor and Fragrance Manufacturing Plant

Efficiency is key when running a successful manufacturing plant. IniTech CEO, Rich DiBernardo takes a deep dive into the nuance of creating a highly efficient F&F manufacturing plant. 

[video] Discussing Flavor, Fragrance and Legacy with Frallier

Frallier's father-son duo, CEO Francisco Palafox Sr. and U.S. managing director Fransisco Palafox Jr. discuss the company and F&F industry's evolution over the last 80 years since Frallier was founded, the importance of customer relationships, Frallier's mission and goals and more. 

Catching Up with Flavorcon Speakers

Two Sense: John Wright

 P&F+ connected with the independent flavorist to discuss his session and what he's been up to in the flavor realm.

Two Sense: Principal Flavorist Cyndie Lipka

The flavorist discusses career and life developments, while also sharing her excitement of taking the stage for the first time at Flavorcon 2022.

Two Sense: Beer Expert Stephen Rich

Stephen Rich's brewing roots started in 2004 as an eager homebrewer, and now has over 13 years of professional brewing experience working with a range of brewhouses, cellar equipment, packaging operations, and automation systems. Rich is an beverage industry consultant providing expertise and assistance in project planning, design build, process improvement and expansion, recipe innovation and total go-to-market planning.

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