[podcast] AI's Evolving Role in Fragrance & Consumer Perception with Mark Knitowski

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In preparation for the World Perfumery Congress' panel "The Perfumer's Take on Artificial Intelligence,"  managing editor Jenna Troyli connected with MAK E2E president, Mark Knitowski to discuss artificial intelligence's evolving role in fragrance and consumer perception. Knitowsk is also set to take the stage in Geneva to discuss "Consumer Inclusion: How Broadening Your Fragrance Formats Can Expand Your Reach." 

More information on our panelists and moderator for the AI panel at WPC below!

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James Krivda, Senior Perfumer, Robertet

Born north of Philadelphia in the rolling farmland and apple orchards of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, James (Jim) Krivda, grew up surrounded by nature. This led to a love of outdoor activities, an appreciation for the natural world and enrolling as a Biology major in college. In 1985, after his freshman year, Krivda began working at Firmenich in the fragrance compounding lab, changed his major to Chemistry and subsequently became the assistant to Grasse-born Master Perfumer Elie Roger.

Roger took Krivda under his wing, informally training him, especially teaching him about the natural raw materials used in fragrances. Jim entered Firmenich’s formal training program in 1988. During his accelerated program he spent 6-8 months training with perfumers across many different disciplines, from analytical and household to personal care and, his ultimate focus, fine fragrance. Krivda finished his formal training in the fall of 1992 after a stint in Geneva, Switzerland at Firmenich’s Global Headquarters. Upon his return to the USA, Krivda began his perfumery career at Firmenich’s Fine Fragrance Creative Studio in New York City. 


Linda Song, Senior Perfumer, Givaudan

Being Korean-American, then spending time in Paris to receive her master's at ISIPCA, Linda Song absorbs influences from her multicultural experiences. Living abroad in France and Italy, as well as her many travels, are at the root of Song's olfactive creations. Whether it's desert trekking in Jordan or immersion in the biodiversity of Cape Town's lush vegetation, along Song's voyages she focuses on understanding new destinations, researching their history and exploring local elements. In her work, Song tempts her senses to prompt the next big idea - something unexpected, cool, real. One of Song's favorite aspects of being a perfumer is experimenting with notes. "My original love for the industry was about falling in love with ingredients. For a perfumer, we develop a personal relationship to our ingredients in order to create the harmony of them working together.”

Pierre Guéros, Senior Perfumer, Symrise

Pierre Guéros was born and grew up in Paris in the 17th arrondissement. His father, a furrier for top fashion designers, owned a studio there imbued with the scents of leather, fur and polished wood. It was during an open house day at the ISIPCA perfume school that Pierre discovered the profession of perfumer, which deeply resonated with his creative yet scientific mind. He embraced his vocation as a perfumer, seeing it as a valuable opportunity, all the while feeding his natural curiosity with reading, trips and encounters. His taste for knowledge and passion for discussing anything remotely related to perfume served him well on many occasions. In 2001, he travelled to Germany for a perfumer’s apprenticeship. New York was his next stop. He enjoys travelling around his host country to be able to understand and witness how people feel about the places they live in. In 2012, he joined the Symrise family, initially in Dubai. After 15 years abroad, he returned to Paris, "the centre of my world" as he puts it.

Simon Van Cauwenberge, Project Manager, FOODPAIRING AI

Simon Van Cauwenberge is a Project Manager at Foodpairing.AI, a Belgian company pioneering in accelerating product development by using AI. With a solid foundation in engineering and a Master's in Fragrance Expertise from ISIPCA, Van Cauwenberge is eager to explore the possibilities at the intersection of AI and fragrances. His experience includes research in the fragrance industry at LVMH, and I'm now dedicated to uncovering how AI can enhance fragrance development. 

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