[Podcast] Global Fragrance Development Manager Discusses Home Care Segment Advances & White Space

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From consumers' fascination with scent-scaping during the COVID-19 pandemic to the continued demand for functional scented products that boast well-being benefits, the home care segment is bursting with opportunities for innovation.

Perfumer & Flavorist+ connects with Iberchem Global Fragrance Development & Evaluation Manager María-Ángeles López Martínez to discuss the latest trends driving innovation, evolving technologies and white space in the home care fragrance market. Register to listen!

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María-Ángeles López Martínez, Global Fragrance Development Manager & Evaluation Manager

After 15 years of experience in the Fragrance sector, María-Ángeles López Martínez is currently the Global Fragrance Development & Evaluation Manager at Iberchem S.A. headquarters in Spain (currently part of Croda group). Working with more than 120 countries as a link between the sales department and perfumers, her role comprises a deep understanding of customer needs and olfactive preferences related to different markets. López tends to describe her job as an "olfactive translator," as she transforms customers' comments into olfactive descriptions for perfumers, as well as checks the product's performance. She has also developed an educational activity related to the Fragrance sector in different Spanish universities.

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