The Passing of Allen Allured

We are fortunate to have so many good friends worldwide.These friends, how we can help people and how much fun we can have, measure our success.To quote my mother, Prudence Allured,“Publishing is a satisfying profession because it constantly affords opportunities to learn something new.”

-Allen Allured on the occasion of The Manufacturing Confectioner's 80th anniversary

We are deeply saddened to announce that Allen Allured, former head of The Manufacturing Confectioner Publishing Company, has died.

Allen, the son of founders Earl and Prudence Allured, and brother of Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine founder Stanley Allured, was a well-liked and highly regarded candy industry fixture with numerous career highlights, including:

  • 1978: Named National Confectioners Association Man of the Year
  • 1982: Guest of the Queen of Holland as the U.S. representative for the chocolate and confectionery industry at the Dutch-U.S. Bicentennial
  • 1993: Received the Stroud Jordan Award for "devotion to the candy technology" and "sustaining interest in the production of quality candy and for contributions to the confectionery industry"  

In addition, Allen received the National Confectioners Association's Public Service award, the National Candy Wholesalers Association's Certificate of Recognition as a distinguished Dean of the Confectionery Industry, the RCA of Philadelphia award "for long continued service in the interest of all manufacturing retailers," the Silver Dish award from the Candy Brokers Association, and the Biscuit and Cracker Technical Award.  

During his career, Allen was joined at the company by his wife, Coralene Kate Allured, and, later, son Michael Allured, who runs the company today. Together, Allen and Kate received the Retail Confectioners International Presidents' Award "in recognition of unselfish service to the Retail Confectionery industry, for their loyal support of the Retail Confectioners International and for generosity of spirit and for sharing ideas and friendship."  

The continuing legacy of The Manufacturing Confectioner, founded in 1921, continues to this day, in no small part due to Allen's tireless advocacy.

He will be profoundly missed by his family, friends, his many colleagues and the industry he helped shape and support.


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