Firmenich Releases FY15 Performance Report


2015 marks a year of growth in Firmenich's latest FY performance report. The privately owned Swiss flavor and fragrance company has reported CHF 3.0 billion in net sales with 2.0% growth in Swiss Francs and a 3.0% increase in local currency. With growth across all geographic regions (a total of eight companies worldwide), Firmenich's performance is attributed to a variety of innovations and developments, including 30 new patent applications as well as four new hires to the executive committee.

Flavor & Fragrance Growth

Fragrance and flavor creations have seen an improvement from the company's current repertoire. The report indicates growth in body and home care as new advances develop longer-lasting fragrance creations. Fine fragrance continues to grow steadily.

Flavor sales are reported to be on par with those of FY14 as taste portfolios continue to follow the reduced sugar and salt trend consumers are requesting. Flavored water and ready-to-drink beverages with a strong loyalty to citrus are prevalent in North East Asia and North America. Consumers are also requesting unique flavors like yuzu and kalamansi, indicating experimental preferences in beverages.

Brown flavors like caramel are also going strong in Latin America, North America and Europe. Savory is experiencing popularity in India, Middle East, Africa and North East Asia as consumers are exploring unique flavors in protein, such as fruit and nut flavored sausages.

High Marks in Sustainability and Innovation

2015 also marks Firmenich's top marks in greenhouse emission reductions. The report shows a reduction in CO2 emissions by 12.3% (approximately 20,000 tonnes) compared to FY10. Water usage is also reduced by 13.3%, also compared to the numbers in FY10.

Firmenich has also introduced Clearwood this year, an ingredient produced from white biotechnology, broadening the company's sustainability initiatives. Perfumery houses have extensively adapted the ingredient for a variety of creations.

Innovative proprietary solutions, like 3D Dairy offer reduced sugar and salt in dairy products. The company also invested CHF 2.54 million with the opening and/or upgrades of laboratories/facilities, testing equipment and analytic divisions. One example is the opening of a new encapsulation manufacturing facility in Indonesia, which will provide more flexible productivity in the South East Asian market.

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