Firmenich Unveils New Encapsulation Facility in Indonesia

Firmenich has unveiled its new encapsulation facility at Karawang International Industrial City, near Jakarta, Indonesia, which the company regards as a significant region for the food and beverage industry.

"We are thrilled to be here in Indonesia today and moving forward into the future," said Patrick Firmenich, the company's CEO. "This is evidence of the importance that the Firmenich Group gives to new emerging markets."

With an initial investment of $30 million, the facility will focus on production of the company’s proprietary flavor encapsulation technology, called Durarome. While Firmenich has been present in Indonesia since 1994, this is the first country outside of the Americas where the company has established a production site for Durarome.

With this site, the company aims to strengthen its market leadership in the flavor encapsulation technology. Firmenich will also launch a new variety of Durarome to be produced at the new facility; a high load Durarome aimed at applications requiring greater flavor intensity while still requiring a very cost effective flavoring system.

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