Norman Appel

Norman Appel, vice president of Bell Flavors & Fragrances' fragrance manufacturing facility in Middletown, New York, passed away Saturday, June 27. Appel had been with the company for 32 years, and, according to the company, "dedicated his work to improving Bell’s fragrance business."

Appel began his career at Synfleur, the flavor and fragrance division of Nestle, which was acquired by Bell in 1983. During his career he held the roles of plant supervisor for the manufacturing plants in Monticello and White Lake, New York, then was promoted to plant manager at both sites. When Bell acquired the flavor plant of PFW-Hercules in 1995, Appel was named vice president of manufacturing for the consolidated plants in Middletown.

“Norman was a devoted and excellent manager for Bell for the past 32 years," said James Heinz, president and CEO of Bell. " His contributions to Bell’s growth have been enormous. Norman will always be remembered by all Bell associates for his can-do attitude and for achieving the results. Norman was a person that all young Bell employees looked up too.”

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