Naturex Records Strong Fiscal 2011

Naturex released its annual consolidated sales results for 2011, noting its excellent levels of recorded activity throughout all markets and in all geographic areas where the company is established. In October, Naturex performed the acquisition of plant extract producer Burgundy, whose sales have been consolidated from October 1.

Thus the sales generated over 2011 amounted to €253.6 million, an increase of 12%. At constant scope and exchange rate, the growth in sales was 12.3%, in compliance with the published annual growth objective. Also, the activity of the fourth quarter of 2011 was in the same growth dynamic as the previous quarters, and the integration of the activities of Burgundy within Naturex generated additional revenue of €2.7 million. The sales for the fourth quarter of 2011 thus amounted to €62.4 million, up 12%.

The company saw positive growth in all its different market segments. Its food and beverage division’s activity generated a turnover of €153.4 million, up 11.9%; the nutrition and health division’s activity increased by 11.9%, for a turnover of €84.5 million (including €2.3 million from the nutraceuticals activity of Burgundy); and the personal care division’s activity recorded a turnover of €3 million, up 11% (and including €0.4 million of sales from Burgundy).

With its commercial coverage widened to 18 locations, including the openings of three commercial offices during the year, Naturex also strengthened its positions worldwide and created real proximity with local and regional customers, enabling it to catch the growth of both mature markets and emerging markets. The Europe/Africa zone recorded a growth of 12.1% over the period, confirming the solidity of the European market in spite of the difficult macroeconomic context; the Americas zone continues to progress, supported by the dynamism of sales in North America and the acceleration of sales in Latin America, particularly in Brazil; the Asia-Oceania zone recorded good performances, driven by strong sales growth in Asia and a buoyant activity in Australia over the last two quarters of the year; and the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East—which represented 14% of the company’s sales over 2011, compared with less than 10% one year previously—offer highly promising development prospects.

“We are very satisfied with this excellent year of growth, marked by the positive orientation of all of our activities and geographic zones. The integration of Burgundy is now on the road to completion, and our teams are working actively to quickly develop the commercial synergies,” said Jacques Dikansky, Naturex founder and CEO. “With our strengthened geographic positioning, the highly favorable acceptance of our new product ranges and our industrial and scientific expertise, we are confident in our ability to continue to outperform the future growth of our markets.”

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