Naturex Looks to Double Sales in Coming Years

In an interview Francois de Beaupuy of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Naturex CEO Jacques Dikansky said, in hopes of helping the company achieve double its current sales in the next three to four years, he’s refused several purchase offers for Naturex.

Although he didn’t name any of the potential buyers, Dikansky commented that he liked Naturex’s autonomous, independent state, and hope it would stay this way for “a good number of years.” In the course of that time, Dikansky commented that he’s looking to grow sales to around €500 million in the next few years.

He also commented that Naturex is seeking new customers in Europe and the US, as well as in emerging markets, and Naturex itself is looking to make a few acquisitions in the coming year, possibly in the area of cosmetic ingredients. Commenting on the company’s financial state, Dikansky noted it is predicting like-for-like growth of at least 10% in 2011 and that the company’s sales haven’t been much affected by the global economic downturn, as its European and US customers appear to be buying greater amounts of natural products. He did acknowledge that some of Naturex’s customers may slow down new product launches a bit, creating some lag in sales, but that the company’s efforts in emerging markets are helping to pick up any slack.

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