Symrise Publishes Latest Sustainability Report

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) has published its latest corporate sustainability report (CSR), Perspectives 2010. As an integral part of the company’s corporate strategy, Symrise tracks its sustainable efforts, and this new report shows it has been able to expand its efforts in CSR activities. The Perspectives report includes interviews and documentation of efforts, and it follows the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines.

Also, with this report, for the first time, Symrise has published CSR goals that extend through 2020. The company defined four fields in which it is acting on its commitment to sustainability: Caring for Nature (environment), Respecting People (employees), Serving Society (society) and Securing Success (business practices). “Our concrete goals include cutting specific emissions, sustainable and responsible procurement of raw materials, and taking increased responsibility for employees and the community,” explains Helmut Frieden, corporate vice president corporate compliance. Furthermore, Symrise has set the goal of working with its clients to develop sustainable product solutions for the consumer.

In 2010, Symrise cut its CO2 emissions and energy consumption per item sold by more than 24% compared to 2005, and water consumption was reduced by over 33% versus 2005. Another area of focus was responsible local procurement of key raw materials such as vanilla, citrus and vegetables. Symrise also plans to continues its investment in the sustainable improvement of production processes and outputs.

In addition, Symrise is expanding its strategic activities in the fields of nutrition and body care, focusing even more on the benefits that consumers receive from products.  "We are pleased with the development of our CSR strategy and our successes in the 2010 business year. They are part of the systematic implementation of our corporate responsibility," explains CEO Heinz-Jürgen Bertram. "In our report, our goal was to illustrate for the reader the business and social environment in which Symrise is active  today and going forward."

The current issue of Perspectives can be downloaded at

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