Pyrazine Specialties, CTC Organics Introduces New Mascot Logo


The brainchild of Pyrazine Specialties and CTC Organics COO Sande Cropsey, the companies have announced the launch of a new mascot logo in the image of a round-bottom boiling flask. With all the changes the companies have been through within the last year, they felt a new face would be an appropriate hallmark.

Developed with Kathleen Socha of Phase One Designs, the new mascot logo, dubbed Professor Kilo, was created to be highly identifiable with the F&F industry. The structural formula of the pyrazine molecule is reflected in his eyeglasses, and he wears a white lab coat and carries a clipboard that features the abbreviations for both companies’ names in his right hand. Kilo will make regular appearances in the companies’ e-campaign marketing and even has his own email address to answer product-related questions at

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