Perfumer Creates California-inspired Fragrance for Sacramento Forum

Monica Aneiros-Burke, Arylessence senior perfumer, has developed a fragrance featuring the “super-fresh” essence of California for a fragrance showcase in Sacramento sponsored by the International Fragrance Association North America (IFRA North America), which was part of a fragrance industry forum.

“We asked Monica to capture the essence of California,” said Steve Tanner, president of Arylessence. “She responded with an exciting, sensory fragrance that unifies the fresh, green, naturalness of California’s vines and fields with the sunshine the state is famous for, and of course, with clear mountain air, sparkling streams, and the deep, invigorating ambience of redwood and sequoia forests. Caliverde is a special fragrance.”

With sustainably produced ingredients that are globally approved for fragrance creation and are authenticated safe for the environment and the planet, Caliverde can be developed for fine fragrance, personal care, air care, laundry, and household products, with multiple variants for various product lines.

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