Symrise Creates Exhibition “ANOSMIA: Lives Without a Sense of Smell”

From April to July 2014, French photojournalist Eléonore de Bonneval is presenting her exhibition “ANOSMIA: Lives Without a Sense of Smell” at the French University Hospital of Bordeaux, France, from April 10 - July 18, 2014. 

Anosmia is a severe disability that includes a total or partial absence of olfactory guidance. Symrise perfumer Evelyne Boulanger created the fragrances for the interactive presentation which features an olfactive journey that is part of the exhibition to illustrate the importance of smell.

She created four scented universes: Memories and Emotions, Taste and Flavours, Breathing Space, and Social Life.

The exhibition runs from 9 a.m.. to 6 p.m. (April 10 - July 18, 2014) at the Centre François-Xavier Michelet, ENT Service CHU de Bordeaux, Groupe Hospitalier Pellegrin, Place Amélie Raba-Léon, 33 000 Bordeaux.

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